advanced life support unit

advanced life support unit

What are our beliefs?

What perspectives do we live by?

What ideologies guide our actions?

What undertow of stories dwell in our subconscious?

advanced life support unit is an intervention that digs into our collective histories, creates a space for open dialogue and to face our fears.

SHADOW  documents the movements of a woman (and friend) who was told she would never move her body again after a severe spinal chord injury. In the face of great adversity, she slowly regained access to her body through a movement therapy based on physics and somatic studies, called Feldenkrais. Founder, Moshe Feldenkrais said, “We move according to our perceived self-image.” 

As numerous life supporting structures now face ecological paralysis, what does it take to adjust our collective self-image that demands so much of our planet? We feel the courage of this woman to recover her body - piece by piece...starting with the smallest movements - a great inspiration for our times. Gently welcoming uncertainty, we unfold and face our shadows to gather much needed courage.

Upstairs Gallery, University of Victoria, BC

Lekwungen territory